const seeded = Fiona(2983938)


Populate Template

Template String

An easy way to build up a long string is to use a javascript template literal populated from data generated by Fiona.

// input

const data = Fiona(2983938).object({
    fullname: Fiona.Fullname(),
    age: Fiona.Number({ max: 100 })
  }, {
    // pass as second argument so values in first argument
    // are calculated and can be consumed
    playThing: (seeded, value) => value.age < 5 ? 'cuddly toys' : 'friends',
    sentences: Fiona.Array({ min: 1, max: 5 }, Fiona.Sentence, '\n\n')

const templateFunction = d => `Dear ${d.fullname},

I know you are ${d.age} years old, and like playing with ${d.playThing}.


Have a nice day,

x x x`

// output

Dear Mr Elliot Alex Thomas Wilson,

I know you are 1 years old, and like playing with cuddly toys.

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Have a nice day,

x x x

Template Plugin

To build a custom template plugin, you could use any template language. This example uses a lodash template.

// input

Fiona.register(['template', (seeded, => (templateArray, ...args) => {
  const templateString = templateArray.reduce((a, b) => a + args.shift().toString() + b)
  // assuming lodash is loaded, render template with values
  return _.template(templateString)(seeded.object(

    fullname: seeded => seeded.fullname(),
    color: seeded => seeded.oneOf(['red', 'orange', 'yellow', 'green', 'blue'])
})`Hi <%= fullname %>,

Your favourite colour is <%= color %>.

Have a nice day,

x x x`
// output

Hi Mr Elliot Alex Thomas Wilson,

Your favourite colour is green.

Have a nice day,

x x x